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    The e-portal http://uk.elmarkstore.eu/ is administered by ELMARK GROUP Ltd.

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    Since its setting up ELMARK has been developing as a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of low voltage electrical equipment and lighting systems in Southeast Europe and a reliable international partner.



    A series of strategic steps enabled ELMARK to provide more quality products that can easily reach any point on the planet where high reliability and cost effective solutions are appreciated. It is important for us to keep improving our products and to provide reliable components.



    ELMARK strives to be a leader in the creation and development of a range of products and solutions that are part of our product portfolio. Our systems were awarded reputed international certificates within a short time and we were able to gain a foothold both in the domestic market and in a number of foreign markets where the brand is becoming increasingly popular. 



    ELMARK philosophy consists in the maintenance of exclusive quality products and services. The satisfaction we experience in our work we gain through our clients' trust. We are ambitious to constantly improve the solutions we present to make the world a better, more functional and safer place.



    The development and manufacturing of ELMARK products are tailored to the needs of the market both in terms of quality, functionality and price, and in terms of safety level standards. The product line is developed according to the leading world trends of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production. Over 5,000 different items grouped in 22 product groups make the electrical and lighting systems offered by us suitable to all conditions in practice.



    Over the past few years the company is to develop exponentially which confirms our commitment to user needs. The large investments in the development of the production process and the improvement of the quality control, the expansion of the product portfolio, the staff training which takes place every year account for the high rates of development and the excellent performance projections for ELMARK.


    The significantly improved financial and market performance and the procedure for registration of ELMARK as a European company (SE) provide confidence and reasonable optimism in the future success of the company in its larger scale introduction to a number of European and world markets.

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