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LED downlights

Modern, practical, with incredible light effects and a unique atmosphere in every room. These are the LED downlights we can see in homes and public places. Apart from the usual advantages of LED lighting, such as low power consumption and long life, downlights provide numerous benefits, mainly related to creating the appearance desired for a space quickly and easily. With LED downlights you can highlight particular features in your home or room without any problem. See below for more information about where you can use the useful features of LED downlights and how to choose the products in this category that are best suited to your needs and preferences.


LED downlights 1

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LED downlights in the home

There is a wide range of uses for LED downlights in the home. They are used by interior designers when the purpose is not only to give a room a particular appearance, but also to create the desired atmosphere and feel. LED downlights can be included in the furnishing of every room in your house or apartment. Here are the most important things you need to know when using them:
- in the kitchen: excellent visibility at every point in your kitchen is essential for avoiding cooking incidents. In addition to the overall lighting in the room, it is advisable to place additional sources of light, especially in work areas, e.g. areas around the stove, sink, cupboards and worktops. LED downlights are the best choice for providing the amount of light required in these areas, mainly because they are highly flexible in terms of where they can be placed. LED downlights can easily be built into kitchen cupboards themselves. Using them as additional (or local) lighting helps you to do your household chores while enjoying an original, modern atmosphere in your kitchen.

LED downlights 2

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- in the living room: this is another room where LED downlights can be used successfully. If you want your entire living room to be lit as brightly as possible, we recommend multiple LED downlights on different power supply circuits. This will not only achieve an incredible visual effect, but you will also be able to control the brightness of the light at any time. When watching TV or working on a laptop, for example, you can enhance the light emitted by the LED lights. In other cases you can mute it and create a more serene, romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

- in the children’s room: LED downlights are the perfect solution for your child's room. You can use them to create a star-studded sky effect. This is a series of round, low-capacity LEDs which recreate the night sky with stars scattered over it. This has a calming effect on your little children and helps them to get their beauty sleep.

LED downlights 4

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- in the bathroom: in most homes, bathrooms do not have natural sunlight. They are walled off from the outside world or only have one small window. This is why it is so important to provide enough artificial light. The ELMARK catalogue contains special waterproof LEDs that are ideal for your bathroom. These LED lights are safe and fully functional in rooms and environments with high humidity. Waterproof LED downlights are convenient for critical areas of the bathroom where you need as much light as possible. LED downlights can be easily integrated into the shower cabin and the bathroom mirror cabinet.

LED downlights 5

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LED downlights in public places

LED downlights will do an excellent job in public places that need lighting for special visual effects and a particular atmosphere. One of the main reasons why LED downlights are favoured for decorative purposes is that they can be installed almost anywhere in a room (walls, furniture, staircases, etc.). This makes then suitable for use in retail outlets, shopping malls and hotels. LED downlights are also frequently used in art galleries. LED downlights can be focused on a particular painting or artwork and create incredible visual effects that make the items more attractive than ever. The ELMARK catalogue also has LED downlights with an emergency block, which stay on for up to several hours after a power failure, so that a room or building can be safely evacuated.

LED downlights 6

LED downlights - 6

How to choose the right LED downlights

Pay close attention to the LED downlight selection process to maximize the lighting effects you want. Determine the power rating you need for an LED downlight in a particular room, how to fit it, whether the light needs to be directed and so on. See below for information about the most important key factors influencing the choice of LED downlights

LED downlights 7

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Size, power rating and shape: there is a wide range of LED downlights in terms of their size, power rating and shape. Carefully decide what LED downlight power rating will be best suited to the characteristics of the room and the visual effect you want to create. LED downlights are available in a variety of options, from traditional round and square lights to deep bottomed lighting units. A distinctive visual effect for deep bottomed LED downlights is that when standing at a certain angle, the diffuser through which the light is emitted cannot be seen; only the light itself.

LED downlights 8

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Type of fitting: this refers to whether you are looking for a built-in or an outdoor LED downlight. Built-in LEDs are designed to be installed in a suspended or plasterboard ceiling. If you do not have such a ceiling, the right option for you is outdoor LED downlights. Apart from being easy to fit, the advantage of LED downlights of this type is that they save considerable time and effort that would otherwise be wasted on redecorating the room.


LED downlights 9

LED downlights - 9

Colour Temperature: you have the option to choose from three basic colour temperature options: warm white, neutral white and cold white light. Warm white light (2700 - 3000 K) is ideal for your home because it gives comfort and cosiness in every room. LED neutral white light (4000 - 4300 K) is used in both home and office, while cold white light (6000 - 6400 K) is suitable for business environments and industrial areas.

LED downlights 10

LED downlights - 10

Directable LED downlights: LED downlights are also available with the option to direct the light. With LED downlights of this type you can achieve a variety of lighting effects and highlight a particular part of your room.

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Explore the ELMARK catalogue to choose the most suitable LED downlights for the lighting effect you want and give a completely new look to your room.

LED downlights

LED downlights in the home

LED downlights in public places

How to choose the right LED downlights

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