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Residual Current Devices

Residual Current Devices


Electricity has undoubtedly become an indispensable part of everyday life for everyone. But although it enables us to use thousands of new devices and technologies, it can be hazardous if not treated with caution. The voltage of the electricity used by appliances is enough for them to operate normally, but in many cases it can be lethal to the human body. Everyone must protect against accidental electrical contact and this is the purpose of residual current devices. When they hear of the concept of residual current devices for the first time, many people will probably wonder what it is and if there is any such thing as faulty electricity. Residual current devices are obligatory in practice in order to comply with modern health and safety standards when working with electricity. Below you will find out exactly what residual current devices are and why they are so important for you and your home.

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Functions of residual current devices

The main purpose of residual current devices is to prevent accidents at home and to protect the human body. This type of device is designed to cut off the power supply at a number of crucial moments for human health and the safety of property. Here are the main functions of residual current devices and the situations in which they are used:

- protecting people from hazardous contact with electricity in the event of damaged conductor insulation - 30 milliamps.

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- protecting real property from the outbreak of fire - between 300 and 500 milliamps

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- cutting off the power circuit under load in the event of a short circuit or overload. This can protect both every consumer and the entire switchboard. Such a feature will only be available if you combine a residual current device with a circuit breaker.

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Applying and selecting residual current devices

Residual current devices are widely applied and can be found in almost all utilities and production sites. In addition to protecting people from electrocution, the residual current device effectively protects your home from fire. It is important to select the right residual current device for the power rating of the consumer appliances and for the leakage current.

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ElmarkStore residual current device

The ElmarkStore product range includes residual current devices that will ensure the safety required when working with electricity. We have several types of residual current devices available: bipolar, quadripolar and combined. On the other hand, you can choose between electronic and electromagnetic residual current devices, which differ in their current rating, leakage current, sensitivity and other important technical characteristics.

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To protect your home and family or your office and business premises, choose the appropriate ElmarkStore residual current device!

Residual Current Devices

Functions of residual current devices

Applying and selecting residual current devices

ElmarkStore residual current device

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