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Spot lighting

Spot lighting is an increasingly common choice for people who are decorating their home and want to have quality lighting.

Not only are spotlights stylish, they are also highly functional and practical and light every corner of the room.

If you insist on quality lighting in combination with the aesthetics of your home, spot lighting is the right choice for you.

At the Elmark online store have prepared an incredible selection of spot lights for you that will suit every taste and provide incredible lighting in your room.

Below you can read more about so-called spot lights, their features and their different types, along with helpful tips for choosing them so that in the end you will be satisfied with the choices you have made.

What spot lighting is

Generally speaking, spot lighting, also referred to as directional lighting, is pointed in a pre-set direction.

While the main lighting provides uniform and complete illumination, spot lighting focuses on a particular location, object or workplace.

Spot lighting also uses a much stronger light source than conventional lighting units. This strong light source is usually a light-emitting diode (LED).

Where is spot lighting usually used and for what purpose?

Used separately or as part of the overall lighting together with other lighting fixtures, spot lighting is an important part of any successful home lighting.

Spot lighting is best used in kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms.

Due to its characteristics and easy adjustment, it is highly suitable as accent lighting, as its light beam can be pointed at a particular location. This immediately catches the attention of everyone in the room.

Spot lighting is ideal for eating, having fun with family and friends or lighting a brand-new sofa or painting.

Spot lighting is also often purchased for other rooms such as a bedroom or bathroom. Particularly for bathrooms, spot lights can be very popular, highlighting bathtubs or mirrors.

Various types of spot lighting

There are several different types of spot lighting, including the accent lighting mentioned above, embedded spot lights and rail-mounted lights.

Accent lighting is probably the most common form of spot lighting. It creates a dramatic effect in particular spaces, highlighting special objects such as paintings, sculptures, architectural features or other focal points.

These lights are usually adjustable, so you can move them if necessary. Accent lighting usually has small holes to create a focused beam of light.

The most common places where accent lighting is used are lobbies, dining rooms and living rooms. This type of lighting is suitable for special occasions as well as for everyday use.

Embedded lights, more commonly known as recessed spotlights, are mounted in ceilings, concealing the casing. The light is pointed downwards and the shape of this kind of lighting unit looks like the moon.

These discreet lighting fixtures are a wonderful choice if you want to reduce the number of visible apertures in the ceiling to a minimum for an ultra-modern appearance, or if the ceiling is too low for conventional home lighting such as chandeliers or ceiling lights.

Some recessed spotlights are available with adjustable heads and in general most of them provide uniform lighting as opposed to focused and intense accent lighting.

If recessed spot lights are distributed evenly across the room, the light should be consistent.

Although recessed spotlights often have a commercial appearance, they can also be used in apartment blocks or houses. They are usually used in kitchens, bathrooms and even living rooms.

Rail-mounted spotlights are the most flexible type of directional lighting. A rail is mounted on the ceiling and spotlights are fitted to it. They can be moved and pointed in almost any direction.

There is a wide variety of types of rails and spotlights, but most of them result in a modern effect.

This type of spot lighting is a great choice when other lighting fixtures, such as recessed spot lights, cannot be fitted to the ceiling (e.g. if the ceiling is concrete and there is no suspended ceiling below it).

However, bear in mind that if your ceiling is low, rail-mounted lighting will not be the best choice for you.

Rail-mounted spot lighting is a popular choice in places such as living rooms, galleries and modern kitchens.

Just as there are different types of spot lighting, the light sources in them differ in type.

Although bulbs are the most common type of light source, there are many products available on the market that have fluorescent or LED lighting. You can enjoy looking at these various types in our online store.

Why buy spot lighting for your home?

There are many reasons to buy spot lighting for your home. Firstly, if you have enough space in your home and your ceiling is high, spot lighting is the perfect option to fill that space.

No less important is the fact that spot lighting diffuses and spreads light in a much better way than conventional chandeliers or ceiling lights, for example. This is partly due to the fact that these lighting fixtures can be easily adjusted and pointed at particular locations.

It is also worth mentioning the purely aesthetic advantage of spot lighting: it will bring style and breathe life in your home, along with the great lighting you will get.

Useful advice on choosing spot lighting for your home

If you are getting interested in buying spot lighting, here are a few helpful tips before you make a final decision.

Consider the room for which you intend to buy your spot lighting and what your special needs are. For example, if you need lighting for your kitchen, consider a brighter lighting option with several lamps. This will be useful for different tasks in the kitchen and when you need direct light in particular places in the room.

If you intend to use spot lights for primary rather than auxiliary lighting, we recommend a model that diffuses light better, such as the FAYE LED SPOT product from our online store. This will give you a good spread of light which, in combination with LED lamps, will ensure great value for money.

Last but not least, it is important to opt for proven names in the industry for a more secure quality guarantee for the product you intend to acquire.

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