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LED Street lighting

LED Street Lighting 


"Let there be light!" This is the motto of more and more cities that are switching over from traditional street lighting to LED lights. Localities in different parts of the world are taking steps to reduce energy consumption, including by improving energy efficiency with LED street lighting. Below we will look at the key benefits of using LED street lighting and the special offers in this category in the Elmark catalogue.


 LED Street Lighting

LED Street Lighting - 1

Advantages of LED Street Lighting

LED street lighting uses light emitting diode sources. They combine all the benefits of LED lighting, such as energy efficiency, high quality and a beneficial environmental impact. LED street lighting can be directed towards a particular space, significantly increasing visibility

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LED street lighting helps to ensure comfortable driving in the evening. This type of lighting system plays an important role in improving driving conditions and reducing potential accidents. This is achieved by selecting the optimum colour temperature of the LED street lighting and the required level of illumination.

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LED street lighting is superior in many ways to traditional street lights. One of the main disadvantages of traditional lighting fixtures is that they need special equipment. This makes it difficult to replace a lamp with another with a different power rating. On the other hand, the light source for LED street lighting cannot be changed, but it has a much longer service life. LED street lighting operates for up to 50,000 hours, while the service life of metal halide and sodium lamps is only about 1000 hours..

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Another advantage of LED street lighting is that it is unaffected by electrical power characteristics. In other words, this type of lighting unit is suited to areas with frequent interference and interruption in the power supply. In these situations, metal halide and sodium street lamps need time to cool down before they can be switched on again. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. This problem can be effectively resolved with LED street lighting, which is not affected by power fluctuations and disruptions and it can start working again immediately after a power cut.

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LED street lighting provides much more light than traditional lighting for the same amount of electricity. For example, while the energy efficiency of metal halide and sodium lamps is about 80-90 lm/W, the figure for LED lighting is 100-120 lm/W. These data clearly show that LED street lighting is the most appropriate choice. The development of LED street lighting is marked by constant efforts to improve the energy efficiency of lighting fixtures. Reducing the power consumption resulting from street lighting limits harmful carbon emissions. With LED street lighting, an automatic light control system can be integrated. It can be controlled remotely and set to operate in a particular time period. In addition, the lighting can be switched on and off automatically when the level of outdoor light reaches certain values. As you can see, LED street lighting is definitely worth the investment. See below how to choose the most suitable products in this category.

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How to choose the right LED street lighting

LED street lighting is ideal for use in various locations such as car parks, alleys, roads, bridges, parks, etc. Appropriate LED street lighting will greatly improve visibility in the area while reducing power consumption. But what is important to know when choosing LED street lighting to ensure that you really have the best option to meet your requirements?
The illumination that LED street lighting provides is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing products of this type. If you are looking for LED street lighting to reduce the amount of electricity you use, you need to consider not only power rating (Watts), but also illumination (Lumens). In other words, the more lumens emitted by a single lighting unit, the stronger the light will be

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LED Street Lighting - 7

Let's take a look at an example to get a better idea of what we mean. Gas-discharge mercury vapour lamps currently used in street lighting emit 6200 lm at 125 W, while LED street lighting can emit 5400 lm at 60 W or 8000 lm at 100 W. You can see the substantial difference in power consumption for yourself: LED street lighting is much more economical and efficient. So when you purchase LED street lighting we advise you to take account not only of the watts (or the amount of energy consumed), but also the amount of light emitted.

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LED Street Lighting - 8

Depending on your needs and requirements, the ElmarkStore product range includes LED street lighting with a lower power rating and less illumination (e.g. the NONA street light that emits 3600 lm at 40 W) as well as products that emit more, stronger light suitable for relatively large areas. For example, the latter group includes STREET200 street LED lights emitting 20000 lm at 200W, or STREET300 which emits a 30,000 lm flow of light for a 300W power rating.

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Dust and water resistance of LED street lighting. Don’t forget these two factors, because LED street lighting is designed to work outdoors and is automatically exposed to various external environmental factors. When selecting LED street lighting, you should choose lighting units that are resistant to adverse atmospheric conditions.

For every offer in the "LED street lighting" category in the ElmarkStore catalogue, the degree of protection under internationally approved standards is described. You can choose between NONA and NIKE LED street lighting with the IP65 protection level (fully dustproof and limited moisture penetration) or STREET and AVENUE with IP67 protection (fully dust and water protected, even when briefly immersed). ElectroMarket LED street lighting will ensure your peace of mind and trouble-free operation.

ElmarkStore LED Street Lighting

Properly assessing your requirements when selecting LED street lighting can save you a lot of money and headaches. Before purchasing LED street lighting, determine the area you want to be illuminated, the amount of light you need and the type of lighting unit itself. If you are still not sure which product is best for you, ask the ElmarkStore experts. They will help you to choose the best LED street lighting to meet your requirements.

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All LED street lighting units differ in themselves and knowing the main details of their operation can provide you with substantial help in making an adequate and informed choice. Check out our offers today and select the best LED street lighting from ElmarkStore.

LED Street Lighting

Advantages of LED Street Lighting

How to choose the right LED street lighting

ElmarkStore LED Street Lighting

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