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Floor lamps

Standing lamps

Standing lamps: all of us have them, but how much do we actually know about them?

Standing lamps are an integral part of any contemporary home and contribute to a homely, cosy and elegant interior style.

Whether you want a standing lamp for your home, or you are just browsing the market or just want to read more about these fixtures, you can find all you need at the Elmark Online Store.

See below for further information about the functionality, the advantages and the wide variety of standing lamps and some useful tips for buying a standing lamp for your home.

You can also browse the entire „Standing Lamps” category in our online store, where we are sure you will find the perfect product for your taste and unique style.

What are standing lamps used for?

By definition, the main job of standing lamps is to light the space where it is located. But they have their own unique characteristics that set them apart from other similar units such as night lights, wall lights, chandeliers or ceiling lights.

Standing lamps are mainly used to light common spaces in a room and their location depends entirely on the user’s preference. This is possible as most standing lamps can be placed anywhere: their stand is fully movable.

For example, a standing lamp can be used as a night light, to light your desk or as a light source in front of the mirror.

What standing lamps are used for depends entirely on the wishes and needs of consumers. This means they are in high demand among a broad selection of lighting units.

Main advantages of standing lamps

We have already referred to one of the main advantages of standing lamps, but here we will try to introduce you to them in more detail.

The fact that standing lamps can easily be moved is a big advantage over other lighting units. For example, wall and ceiling lights have to be wired in and holes drilled in the wall, which can be a disadvantage later, for example if you reorganise the layout of a particular room.

For their part, night lights are too small to be placed anywhere except on a desk or bedside table.

Standing lamps, unlike the lights listed above, can be placed virtually anywhere in the room, making them very useful and practical.

They do not need to be wired in and there is no limit to the options for them to light your home.

This makes them a perfect choice if different locations in your home need to be lit at different times.

In addition, most standing lamps come with a lampshade, which is a really practical and elegant addition to these lighting units.

Lampshades improve the way the light scatters and they can subdue it significantly if you do not like bright light.

In addition, lampshades bring true style and elegance to your interior design.

Wide variety and extensive choice of standing lamps

Standing lamps themselves are a source of variety and novelty, but in addition, at the Elmark online store you can choose a product from the wide range of lamps we offer.

We know you value stability, which is why most of our products are made of high quality metal that ensures that the body of the unit is rigid and stable.

If you require elegance, we also offer models made of both metal and wood. As for lampshades, we provide them in various textile designs.

With the colour scheme we offer, we try to provide for every taste. Our lamps are available in the following textures and colours:

  • Satin nickel
  • Chrome
  • Antique brass
  • Dark grey
  • Black
  • White

As you will see, we have both standard models and special lamps to tempt those who are keen on aesthetics and style.

If you think that is all we have to offer, you may be surprised by the range of different models we provide.

These include a triple lighting unit, a straight standing lamp with a lamp shade, a standing lamp with a three-legged stand (available with both a lampshade and a spotlight), a standing lamp with a movable leg to change the length and height of the whole unit, as well as a standing lamp with two independent lighting units that can light two different spaces.

To see the full range of products, take a closer look at our category and the rest of the Elmark online store.

Which rooms are best suited for placing a standing lamp?

When choosing a standing lamp, first consider what exactly you will use it for and, secondly, the room where you will put it.

In practice, standing lamps can be used in almost every room in the home except the bathroom and corridor. From an aesthetic point of view, they are best placed in bedrooms and living rooms.

This, of course, should not stop you from using them wherever you like and where they are most convenient for you.

One factor to keep in mind is the height of the room. High standing lamps give the impression of a low ceiling, while low lamps will make it look higher.

Another important factor to consider is the design of your home and, more specifically, of the room where you plan to place your standing lamp.

For example, if you are looking for a standing lamp that fits in with a classic interior, the most appropriate option is a variant with lampshades decorated with elegant lace or tassels.

If you like minimalism and are trying to limit the number of objects and items of furniture in your home, you can aim for a contrasting standing lamp that stands out in your interior design.

If you just want to create a comfortable place for reading and relaxation, consider buying a standing lamp together with a coffee table on which to place your book or a cup of coffee.

Helpful tips for choosing a standing lamp

If you are still in the early stages of choosing a standing lamp, here are some useful guidelines for you to get the product that best suits you.

Firstly, trust manufacturers with years of proven experience in decorative home lighting products.

Don’t skimp on the price: quality is never cheap and if you value it, you have to be prepared to invest. A simple calculation helps you realise that there is no way for a lamp to come at a low price if it is made of quality materials, gives perfect lighting and comes with a 5-year guarantee, as on all products in our Standing Lamps category - unless, of course, someone wants to work at a loss.

As a further tip, measure the place where you will put your standing lamp before you buy it and then pay attention to the dimensions given in the description of each product. This way you will avoid unpleasant situations where you order a standing lamp and it comes in a larger size than you anticipated.

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