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You may have heard of timers and are probably familiar with the more common household type.

But in terms of electrical equipment and wiring systems, timers have a completely different meaning and purpose.

At the Elmark online store we will provide you with useful information about this type of timer to help you choose one for your home.

What a timer is and what it is used for

Let's start from the beginning by explaining what a timer is. It is a type of relay with the main purpose of opening or closing an electrical circuit in your wiring at a time interval that is pre-set in the device itself.

But first we will remind you how relays themselves work and what their function is. Relays open and close the electrical circuit either electromechanically or electronically.

Relays are most commonly used to modify low voltages in the control circuit and generally do not control consumers, except small motors and solenoids that only draw a low current.

However, relays can "control" higher voltages and currents by means of an amplification effect, as a small voltage applied to a single relay coil can lead to high voltage to be disconnected from the relay.

What the timer contributes to this whole process is the ability to control the relays by means of a selected time diagram.

What kind of timers do we have?

There are several basic types of timer which are identical in terms of their use but differ in the way they work.

Analogue timers are among the most standard models and their operating principle is extremely simple: by means of the timer scale, the timer can be set to control your electrical system.

Digital timers, on the other hand, use a much more modern and accurate method, using a processor for extremely precise timing. In addition, the user can monitor the elapsed time on the digital display available on this type of timer.

There are other types of timer worth mentioning, such as motor timers, used to control an electric motor boosted by an electrical signal, and reduction timers, which control the contacts by means of an electromagnetic coil and are triggered by a reduction of a particular value such as an oil or liquid level or just the amount of air.

There is a wide variety of useful timers available at the Elmark online store and we will give you information about a few of them.

The TE6B TIMER, for example, is one of the top products in this category. It is usually mounted on the front panel of an apartment switchboard. This digital timer has a number of advantages, including the option to select the operating range from 0.01 to 99.99 seconds, 1 second to 99.59 minutes and 1 minute to 99.59 hours.

The minimum duration of the input pulse for this model is 20ms and the power consumption is below 5VA. Its switching capacity under active load is 3A.

With regard to the service life of this timer, the answer is easy: its electrical endurance is 107 cycles and its mechanical endurance is 105.

If you want a conventional analogue timer, we can also offer you one. The TM-180 MINI is an analogue timer which, among other things, also has a battery. Its switching capacity under active load is 16A and it has a 24-hour adjustment range.

The SINGLE CHANNEL TE15B TIMER is another great product available in our online store. It has an LCD display. It automatically sets the current time, which is corrected for winter and summer time.

This timer also has a battery so that you can store the programme setting set for up to 15 days. One great little addition is the "on" status indicator.

Like our other timers, this one also withstands 105 electrical cycles and 107 mechanical cycles. Under an active load, its switching capacity is up to 6A, as opposed to 2.5A under an inductive load. This timer is installed using a DIN bus.

We will leave it to you to look at the rest of our products, but if you are already curious, we will just mention some of our other items in this category.

These include a phase sequence indicator, a time relay, a stairway timer and a pulse relay.

Uses for a timer

Now that you have found out so much about timers, their different types and their basic functions, it is time to tell you what a timer can do for you.

A timer is a practical choice of device for switching consumers and electrical circuits on and off when you are not at home.

Using a timer is particularly appropriate when you often need to be away from home and at the same time you need to control the appliances at home.

Criteria for selecting a timer for your home

When choosing a timer for your home, you need to keep a few things in mind and know by what criteria to rate a product.

Firstly, you have to consider whether you want a digital timer or an analogue timer.

Another important criterion is the time setting range available on each timer. With regard to this criterion, they are subdivided into 24-hour (round-the-clock), weekly, cyclic, time relay and time delay relay with cut-off delay timers and those with a cut-off delay. Carefully consider what your needs are so you know what timer you will need.

Another important aspect in choosing a timer is the manufacturer. Opt for well-known names in the industry that have years of experience in the manufacture of timers, relays and all kinds of measuring devices.

Why buy a timer from Elmark?

In our category, you will find timers at great prices that also offer you a quality service.

In addition, Elmark products in this category come with a standard 3-year guarantee plus an extended 2-year guarantee. So if you buy a timer from our online store, you will not have any worries for 5 years.

In addition, we will provide you with quick high-quality delivery so that you can obtain the product you have purchased as soon as possible.

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