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Waterproof lighting fixtures

Bathroom lighting

When it comes to designing and furnishing a bathroom, lighting is as important as the tiles or the bath or washbasin.

There are many different types of bathroom lighting fixtures, each with its own style and unique appearance.

If you are looking for bathroom lighting and are overwhelmed by the wide choice of lighting fixtures, many of which are of unclear origin and dubious quality, Elmark will help you find your way among this wide range of products so that you can make a really satisfactory choice.

We will introduce you below in full to bathroom lighting and provide useful tips on the best lighting, how to choose it and how bright it should be.

Nature and purpose of bathroom lighting

As mentioned previously, bathroom lighting consists of all lighting units used to illuminate a bathroom.

Like other types of lights, bathroom lighting can both comprise primary or additional lighting units. Primary lighting units are usually on the ceiling and provide overall illumination for the bathroom.

Additional bathroom lighting is fitted in particular locations, most often in front of mirrors, to highlight a particular part of the room or simply provide additional light where it is specially needed in the bathroom.

What is the best lighting for a bathroom?

Excellent lighting in a bathroom is very important, not only because we need to see ourselves in the mirror and care for our needs, but also for our own safety and that of everyone who uses the bathroom.

The best bathroom lighting has enough light sources to meet every need and requirement in the bathroom.

Like the kitchen, where a variety of particular tasks must be carried out, the bathroom must also have lighting that provides safety and functionality.

For the most common activities in the bathroom such as combing, brushing teeth, drying hair and applying make-up, you will need good white light that keeps shadows to a minimum.

For body care and bathing, in most cases central lighting from the ceiling is sufficient.

Another useful bathroom lighting feature is subdued light that will not strain your eyes when you get up early in the morning or in the middle of the night.

Subdued light is also a perfect solution for households where the bathroom light has to be left on at night.

By following these simple but effective rules, you will get the best lighting for your bathroom.

How to choose bathroom lighting

Choosing bathroom lighting can be tiring. Things like a mirror, a bath and a shower need different choices of lighting, while at the same time the overall design of the bathroom should also convey a sense of style and cosiness.

For your best approach when choosing a bathroom light, we will suggest a series of steps to help you cope perfectly with the task.

1. Consider the option of side mounted wall lights

Vertically mounted wall lights are among the best bathroom lighting solutions.

Whether you choose to mount your wall lights on either side of the mirror or directly over it with a lampshade placed at eye level, there are several factors to keep in mind.

If your mirror is just above the sink, fit your wall lights a few inches to the left and right of the mirror. The idea is to have them as close as possible to your face.

2. Plan several types of lighting

All bathrooms would benefit from having three types of lighting to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

To make sure the light is evenly distributed, consider a combination of central lighting in the form of chandeliers or pendant lights, secondary lighting suitable for day-to-day activities such as applying make-up or shaving and a third type of lighting that highlights attractive features in your bathroom.

3. Use pendant lights as an alternative

Pendant lights are a great alternative to wall lights. They are an elegant option for lighting the mirror and can also be used as primary lighting or even highlighting if required.

4. The size of the bathroom is crucial

Depending on the size and style of the bathroom, a pendant light or even a chandelier can produce a sense of luxury. Proper bathroom lighting can create a great feeling and set the tone for the bathroom design.

How bright should bathroom lighting be?

This factor in the choice of bathroom lighting is also underrated. Brightness is important for several reasons. Firstly, for your various needs and activities in a bathroom, you will need different lighting intensity.

Secondly, inappropriate lighting can make some tasks difficult, uncomfortable or even impossible to carry out.

Coming back to the types of lighting discussed above, you can see that they are distributed according to different bathroom functions. By the same logic, you can also determine the brightness of the light you will need for your various activities.

For example, for secondary lighting mainly used for facial care and hygiene, you will need a bright light of at least 150 watts. This kind of lighting is usually fitted above or around the mirror. Obviously more lighting is needed there.

Bathroom lighting: how many lumens you need

You are probably familiar with lumens as a unit of measurement. They represent the total amount of light that is visible to the human eye from a single lamp or light source. The greater the number of lumens emitted by a light source, the brighter the lamp. This unit of measure is denoted by the abbreviation “lm”.

Now that we have discussed the brightness needed for bathroom lighting and for what parts of it you will need more light, we will discuss some figures.

The best option for a bathroom light is between 500 and 600 lumens. For a more general picture of how much this is, we will compare it to the recommended lumens in other rooms in your home.

For example, 300-400 lumens are recommended for bedroom lighting, while for the hallway the recommended value is exactly 300 lumens.

If you are still unsure of what bathroom lighting you need, go to our “Bathroom Lighting” category and browse through the Elmark range of products according to your taste, your requirements and your budget.

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